Map Design


As the public participation is increasing, making map is not the only job of professional cartographers, but it can be created by anybody. Public Participation Geographic Information System play an important role as the cutting-edge in handing down the power of map from the professionals to nonprofessional people.  

The map I made as a nonprofessional is related to the past life in Iowa City based on my memory. Iowa City is a community mainly based on University of Iowa and University Hospitals. It was the first city I lived in when I came from South Korea. I am planning to create a map of the city mainly focusing on the boundaries within I lived for three years centered on the student housing apartment and events. The reason I chose this city for a map is that there was a huge change and many things happened in my life and still I remember them clearly like seeing vivid pictures. It was hard for me to get used to new environment far away from hometown where I lived with parents over twenty years. Even though my husband and I was happy to live together, but I missed a lot my parents, friends, and a puppy left behind. When I saw a flock of Canadian geese flying over, the homesickness was deepened.   Meanwhile, our first daughter was born and I made new friends there. I got used to the life in US. It has passed 10 years since then. Sometimes, I missed the life in Iowa City.